Cultural Compass

Align organisational culture with winning strategies.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Even if you collect the right data, implement the right technology with pinpoint accuracy, the culture of your customers and of your organization will eventually have the last word.

AfriQA Cultural Compass measures both corporate and market cultural risks, and help you measure the optimum culture for you and for your product and service.

Our very own Hofstede certified cultural experts work with you through market and corporate surveys to surface cultural assumptions, recognize the optimum cultural content and processes, and implement winning change strategies.

The resulting value of national and organizational cultural insight is a future proof strategy for your product/services and a guarantee for teams and professionals to perform at their best.


Challenging the status quo

Overtime we have developed implicit ideas and habits which govern our professional and personal activities: our culture. But as opportunities and new methods arise, we must evolve and change the way we work and develop more relevant and more successful habits.


Reality checks

First it means having the courage to have a reality check. Through our Hofstede 6D model and scientific culture scans, we work with you, your team and organization so that you objectively see what your culture is like, how you work, how you come across, and how you might differ from the culture of your customers, your colleagues, and other stakeholders.


Individuals winning games, teams winning championships

Having taken a good look in the mirror, you are then in a position to change it. Using the Hofstede methodologies, AfriQA will help you design the best culture for you to perform, and help you start a new journey of change towards a successful professional, individual and organizational habits.


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