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AfriQA is an expert in designing and proofreading surveys and data collection techniques across Africa.

We help you increase the accuracy of the data you collect, by advising on the formulation of questions, on the formatting and data efficiency of your digital survey, or by scripting and programming surveys for you altogether.

AfriQA Intel minimizes the risk of survey misunderstanding, respondent disengagement, and technical pitfalls which are rampant in Africa. This will result in better and faster data collection for you.


Same languages, but different idioms

It is often the case that African countries have emerged with different dialects and expressions which only make sense locally, though many African countries speak English, French and other universal languages.


One size doesn’t fit all

Therefore when they receive surveys and other types of content, they do not always react the same way as individuals of western countries might do. It is also true that the content of surveys is often designed with westerners on mind: both from a language and a device user point of view.


Leveraging by localizing

For this reason we have decided to create the AfriQA Intel advisory service which takes a critical look at content, design, channels and devices involved in your campaign. We advise on best practices for all content and overall strategies aimed at the African continent.


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